What is the COSS?


Laser-enabled optical sensor and spectroscopic technologies had a significant impact all over the world on the major institutions in health care, biomedicine, communications, materials characterization and processing, defense, aerospace, and national security, and this trend can only be expected to accelerate in the future.

COSS is a multi-institutional center consisting of researchers and facilities from UAB, UA, and UAH.

The mission of the COSS is to improve sensor techniques using recently developed revolutionary laser and spectroscopic technologies  for detecting of biological, chemical, environmental, and explosive agents with high sensitivity.


The COSS is funded as part of the $6,000,000 Alabama Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII) program with the NSF/EPSCoR program

National Science Foundation
Army Research Office


Center for Biophysical Sciences and Engineering

Vision Science Research Center
Center for Applied Optics (University of Alabama in Huntsville)
Center for Applied Optical Science (Alabama A & M University)
Alabama Vision and Imaging Science (ALVIS) Center

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