An Introduction to the Theory of Groups - Joseph J. Rotman, Joseph J Rotman (1999)
ISBN 0387942858
Subject Group theory
Publisher Springer
Publication Date 8/13/1999
Format Hardcover (236 x 147 mm)
Language English
Anyone who has studied "abstract algebra" and linear algebra as an undergraduate can understand this book. This edition has been completely revised and reorganized, without however losing any of the clarity of presentation that was the hallmark of the previous editions. The first six chapters provide ample material for a first course: beginning with the basic properties of groups and homomorphisms, topics covered include Lagrange's theorem, the Noether isomorphism theorems, symmetric groups, G-sets, the Sylow theorems, finite Abelian groups, the Krull-Schmidt theorem, solvable and nilpotent groups, and the Jordan-Holder theorem. The middle portion of the book uses the Jordan-Holder theorem to organize the discussion of extensions (automorphism groups, semidirect products, the Schur-Zassenhaus lemma, Schur multipliers) and simple groups (simplicity of projective unimodular groups and, after a return to G-sets, a construction of the sporadic Mathieu groups).
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LoC Classification QA174.2.R67 1995
Dewey 512/.2
Edition 4th ed.
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No. of Pages 536
Original Publication Year 1995
Col. ill. on lining papers.