Boundary Behaviour of Conformal Maps - Christian Pommerenke (1992)
ISBN 0387547517
Subject Boundary value problems; Conformal mapping
Publisher Springer-Verlag
Publication Date 1992
Format Hardcover (250 mm)
Language eng
There has been a great deal of recent interest in the boundary behaviour of conformal maps of the unit disk ontoplane domains. In classical applications of conformal maps,the boundary tended to be smooth. This is not the case inmany modern applications (e.g. for Julia sets).The first chapters present basic material and are also ofinterest for people who use conformal mapping as a tool. Thelater chapters deal in greater detail with classicalmaterial and, go into recent developments (e.g. by Makarov).The reader is assumed to know standard complex and realanalysis. The subject of the book is developed from scratchexcept in a few places (e.g. quasiconformal maps) wherethere exist other very goodbooks: in such casesPommerenke's emphasis is on giving additional information.There are over two hundred exercises most of which are easyand meant to test the reader's understanding of the text.Each chapter begins with an overview stating the mainresults informally
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Original Publication Year 1992