Mathematical Foundations Of Quantum Mechanics (Investigations In Physics) - Princton Univ. Press, - John von Neumann (1955)
ISBN 9780691080031
Subject Matrix Mechanics; Matrix Mechanics; Physics; Quantum theory; Teoria Cuantica
Publisher Princeton University Press
Publication Date December 1955
Format Hardcover (235 x 159 mm)
Language English
Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics was a revolutionary book that caused a sea change in theoretical physics. Here, John von Neumann, one of the leading mathematicians of the twentieth century, shows that great insights in quantum physics can be obtained by exploring the mathematical structure of quantum mechanics. He begins by presenting the theory of Hermitean operators and Hilbert spaces. These provide the framework for transformation theory, which von Neumann regards as the definitive form of quantum mechanics. Using this theory, he attacks with mathematical rigor some of the general problems of quantum theory, such as quantum statistical mechanics as well as measurement processes. Regarded as a tour de force at the time of publication, this book is still indispensable for those interested in the fundamental issues of quantum mechanics.
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