Orthogonal Polynomials And Special Functions (Cbms-Nsf Regional Conference Series In Applied Mathematics) - Richard Askey (1987)
ISBN 9780898710182
Subject Functions, Orthogonal; Functions, Special; Mathematics / General; Mathematics / Mathematical Analysis; Orthogonal Polynomials
Publisher Society for Industrial Mathematics
Publication Date 1/1/1987
Format Paperback (250 x 164 mm)
Language English
Originally presented as lectures, the theme of this volume is that one studies orthogonal polynomials and special functions not for their own sake, but to be able to use them to solve problems. The author presents problems suggested by the isometric embedding of projective spaces in other projective spaces, by the desire to construct large classes of univalent functions, by applications to quadrature problems, and theorems on the location of zeros of trigonometric polynomials. There are also applications to combinatorial problems, statistics, and physical problems.
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