Precalculus Concepts - Preliminary Edition - Warren W. Esty (1996)
ISBN 9780132616942
Publisher Prentice Hall
Publication Date 8/6/1996
Format Paperback (251 x 200 mm)
Takes a unique approach by developing fluency in the abstract and symbolic language of algebra to ensure that readers learn, understand, and think mathematical thoughts. The goal of this book is to develop the readers' ability to read, write, think and <B>do</I></B></U> mathematics. The book emphasizes the appropriate and creative use of technology, but even more, the understanding of concepts and symbolism. Graphing Calculators are required. The usual topics required to prepare students for calculus are covered. However, the text is different because it identifies and emphasizes the concepts of algebra that will remain essential for students to grasp regardless of what present or future calculators can do. To this end, the symbolic language is explicitly studied because it is the way in which thoughts about algebraic processes are best expressed and remembered. Numerous specially designed examples and problems focus on key concepts. This unique approach improves: conceptualization and understanding; the rate of current and future mathematics learning; the ability to work with problems in which genuinely algebraic concepts are essential, such as word problems and retention.
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