The Real Projective Plane - With an Appendix for Mathematics by George Beck - H.S.M. Coxeter, G. Beck (1992)
ISBN 0387978895
Subject Geometry, Projective; Geometry, Projective - Data processing
Publisher Springer-Verlag
Publication Date 12/23/1992
Format Hardcover (242 x 162 mm)
Language e
This introduction to projective geometry can be understood by anyone familiar with high-school geometry and algebra. The restriction to real geometry of two dimensions allows every theorem to be illustrated by a diagram. The subject is, in a sense, even simpler than Euclid, whose constructions involved a ruler and compass: here we have constructions using rulers alone. A strict axiomatic treatment is followed only to the point of letting the student see how it is done, but then relaxed to avoid becoming tedious. After two introductory chapters, the concept of continuity is introduced by means of an unusual but intuitively acceptable axiom. Subsequent chapters then treat one- and two-dimensional projectivities, conics, affine geometry, and Euclidean geometry. Chapter 10 continues the discussion of continuity at a more sophisticated level, and the remaining chapters introduce coordinates and their uses. An appendix by George Beck describes Mathematica scripts that can generate illustrations for several chapters; they are provided on a diskette included with the book. (Both PC and Macintosh versions are available) Mathematica is a registered trademark.
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Edition 3rd ed.
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