Harmonic Analysis in Phase Space - Gerald B. Folland (1989)
ISBN 0691085277
Publisher Princeton University Press
Publication Date March 1989
Format Hardcover (242 x 160 mm)
This book provides the first coherent account of the area of analysis that involves the Heisenberg group, quantization, the Weyl calculus, the metaplectic representation, wave packets, and related concepts. This circle of ideas comes principally from mathematical physics, partial differential equations, and Fourier analysis, and it illuminates all these subjects. The principal features of the book are as follows: a thorough treatment of the representations of the Heisenberg group, their associated integral transforms, and the metaplectic representation; an exposition of the Weyl calculus of pseudodifferential operators, with emphasis on ideas coming from harmonic analysis and physics; a discussion of wave packet transforms and their applications; and a new development of Howe's theory of the oscillator semigroup.
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