Algebra - Introductory and Intermediate - Richard N. Aufmann, Vernon C. Barker, Joanne S. Lockwood (1996)
ISBN 0395755794
Publisher Houghton Mifflin College Div
Publication Date February 1996
Format Paperback (286 x 222 mm)

The Third Edition of Algebra: Introductory and Intermediate provides mathematically sound and comprehensive coverage of the topics considered essential in a combined introductory and intermediate algebra course. The text also includes new prep tests, updated applications, and a new design. Furthermore, the Instructor's Annotated Edition features a comprehensive selection of new instructor support material. The class-tested Aufmann Interactive Method, incorporated throughout the text, ensures that students interact with the math and master the concepts presented. This model is especially supportive for distance-learning and self-paced laboratory situations.

  • New! The revised IAE, rich with new instructor support materials, features reduced student pages with support material in the margins. (Answers to exercises and transparency icons appear on the reduced student page.) Features include Instructor Notes; tips for introducing new or recycled vocabulary, symbols, formulas, rules, properties or equations; Discuss the Concepts prompts; Concept Check questions; Optional Student Activities; In-Class Examples to present with every objective; Suggested Assignments; Quick Quiz; and Answers to selected Writing Exercises, Focus on Problem Solving activities, and Projects and Group Activities.
  • New! AIM for Success, a special preface for students, guides them in how to be successful using the text and the Aufmann Interactive Method (AIM). Suggestions for using the Preface as a lesson are featured in the Instructor's Resource Manual.
  • New! Prep Tests at the beginning of each chapter highlight the prerequisite skills to be used in the chapter. The answers to these questions can be found in the Answer Appendix along with a reference to the objective from which the question was taken. Students who miss a question are encouraged to review the objective. The Go Figure problem that follows the Prep Test is a puzzle problem for interested students.
  • The Aufmann Interactive Method (AIM), which accompanies every objective, features one or more sets of matched-pair examples that encourage students to interact with the text. The first example in each set is completely worked out; the second example, You Try It, prompts students to practice concepts as they are presented in the text. Complete worked-out solutions to these examples appear in an appendix at the end of the book, offering students immediate feedback, reinforcing the concept, helping to identify problem areas, and preventing frustration.
  • An integrated learning system organized by objectives provides the main framework for the text. Each chapter begins with a list of learning objectives, which are woven throughout the text, in Exercises, Chapter Tests, and Cumulative Reviews, as well as through the print and multimedia ancillaries. The result is a seamless, easy-to-follow learning system.
  • An extensive collection of contemporary application problems draws from real source data to show students the value of mathematics as a real-life tool. Chapter openers have been updated with new photos and captions illustrating and referencing a specific application from the chapter.
  • Chapter-ending feature Focus on Problem Solving introduces students to various problem-solving strategies. Students are encouraged to write their own strategies and draw diagrams to find solutions. The use of some open-ended problems results in more than one right answer and strengthens problem-solving skills.
  • Exercises following the presentation of a new operation require that students make a connection between a phrase and a mathematical process. To reinforce this skill, the authors present a verbal/mathematical connection each time they introduce a new topic or operation.
  • Project and Group Activities, often at the end of each chapter, offer ideas for cooperative learning or extra credit projects in such areas as the use of calculators, collecting data from the Internet, data analysis, and extended applications.

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