Riemannian Geometry - Manfredo Perdigao do Carmo (1992)
ISBN 0817634908
Subject Geometry, Riemannian
Publisher Birkhäuser Boston
Publication Date 1/1/1992
Format Hardcover (236 x 168 mm)
Language eng
Translator Francis Flaherty
This text has been adopted at: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia University of Connecticut, Storrs Duke University, Durham, NC California Institute of Technology, Pasadena University of Washington, Seattle Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA University of Chicago, IL University of Michigan, Ann Arbor "In the reviewer's opinion, this is a superb book which makes learning a real pleasure." ne de Mathematiques Pures et Appliquees "This main-stream presentation of differential geometry serves well for a course on Riemannian geometry, and it is complemented by many annotated exercises." F. Mathematik "This is one of the best (if even not just the best) book for those who want to get a good, smooth and quick, but yet thorough introduction to modern Riemannian geometry." es Mathematicae Contents: Differential Manifolds * Riemannian Metrics * Affine Connections; Riemannian Connections * Geodesics; Convex Neighborhoods * Curvature * Jacobi Fields * Isometric Immersions * Complete Manifolds; Hopf-Rinow and Hadamard Theorems * Spaces of Constant Curvature * Variations of Energy * The Rauch Comparison Theorem * The Morse Index Theorem * The Fundamental Group of Manifolds of Negative Curvature * The Sphere Theorem * Index Series: Mathematics: Theory and Applications
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LoC Classification QA649 .C2913 1992
Dewey 516.3/73
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No. of Pages 320
Translation of the 2nd ed. of: Geometria riemanniana.